Structural Acupressure

Restoring & Harmonizing Structure & Energy


~ Supporting the body's innate wisdom to be the healer ~ 



Inner Rivers Healing Arts offers a transformative, powerful form of bodywork that incorporates the structural disciplines of Chinese medical massage (Tuina), Medical Qi Gong, and Osteopathic therapies. Structural Acupressure's unique therapy combines passive movement and gentle traction with acupressure points to resonate and integrate qi flow throughout the skeletal structure, neuromuscular system, viscera and meridians.

Specific attention is given to awakening waveform patterns of the structure and energy body at the bone level. Special acupoint fulcrums are applied with passive movement to allow the body to unwind from a state of density to a fluid harmonious resonance that enhances tranquility. These ancient healing art therapies support the body's own innate wisdom to be the healer allowing for integration of yin-yang balance and body-mind alignment within one's core being.

~ Long-lasting benefits include integration of one's core being of spirit, mind and body ~


Clients often experience: increased range of motion, harmonization of the viscera and meridians, deep relaxation and more. In addition, balance in the phases women's life cycle are often greatly appreciated. 

Sessions with Jennifer reflect wisdom incorporated from 20+ years practicing Qi Gong during multiple training residencies in China and the U.S. - and have powerful healing impact on clients (read their testimonials).

Clients from a global community continuously extend invitations to share this unique therapy for others to benefit from and to share the teachings. Contact Inner Rivers Healing Arts to schedule sessions or inquire about bringing the unique healing work to your community


* Qi is life force energy, see page of Qi Gong