Qi Gong

An ancient meditative dance of moving in tranquility as waveforms of qi



The ancient Chinese see us as a channel between heaven and earth, standing with our feet on the ground and our heads in sky.  Beyond the physical elements of skin, fascia, muscle, tendons, nerves, lymph and bone, we are much more. We are amazing beings of creative potential moving in wave forms of Qi.




In essence the practice of Qi Gong is the living philosophy of Dao. The  wisdom is practiced through us, reminding us that We are the Dao. Through our minds & bodies, we experience states of being-ness as undefined, aligned, and interconnected with the Sacredness of Being.

Alchemy of Wholeness 

Qi Gong is an ancient form of moving, sitting and standing meditation that has been practiced in China for over 5000 years. It is considered the mental alchemy of Chinese medicine, where one cultivates the mind to guide Qi to create change in one's state of being. It is the study of our relationship of human beings and the universe - on the physical, mental and spiritual levels . Through the discipline of focused mind and daily practice, practitioners are able to cultivate qi, cleanse the channels, regenerate well-being and expand one's innate potentials.

Qi Gong transforms illness into wellness, its many benefits include: 

photo courtesy of Phyllis Lefohn

photo courtesy of Phyllis Lefohn

~ cultivation of self healing power  ~ regeneration of well being ~ regulate the immune system  ~ balancing emotions  ~ maintaining good health  ~ increasing flexibility ~ increasing energy level  ~ experiencing tranquility ~ expanding one's innate creative potentials ~ and so much more

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Video by Shelly Saunders

Practicing Qi Gong is way to advance one's spiritual growth quickly, effectively and safely.  It is a gift to help quicken the evolution of human consciousness for the benefit of this planet.

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