From a Chinese Medicine perspective, the space in and around us is where the life force energy of Qi flows. This essence of Qi moves through our bodies much like streams of flowing water.  Our inner river systems of acupressure points are pathways that connect with the viscera (organs) and all systems of the body, emotions, mind and spirit.  Each organ and meridian system corresponds with the elements of our external nature of the seasons. Every organ even has a specific musical tone that resonates harmoniously like a musical chord.  When a Chinese Medicine practitioner works with a client, it is much like tuning the notes of an instrument.   A musician listens to relationships of notes to be in harmony.  A practitioner of Chinese Medicine will focus on the interrelationships of harmonious flow of Qi. 

Video by Shelly Saunders

There are four branches of Chinese Medicine: Qi Gong, Herbs, Acupressure and Acupuncture.  Qi Gong is the oldest.  It is considered the mental alchemy of Chinese medicine where one cultivates the mind to guide Qi to create change in one's state of being. Physically, mentally and spiritually, it is the study of our relationship of human beings and the universe. 

The cultivation of this ancient wisdom is based on the philosophy of Daoism. Over the years it has been influenced by other philosophies of Buddhism and the disciplines of Confucianism. In essence the practice of Qi Gong is the living philosophy of Dao. The philosophy is practiced though us. We are reminded that we are the Dao. Though our bodies and our minds we can experience states of being-ness as undefined.  In doing so, we move in life aligned with and interconnected to the Sacredness of Being. 

These ancient practices of Qi Gong have developed into many forms of moving, sitting and standing meditations that are the basis of Tai Ji and Martial Arts. These meditative exercises can be of martial or medical intent and have been practiced in China for over 5,000 years. The sustained discipline of practice is proven to be a powerful way to maintain health, treat diseases, prolong life, and cultivate wisdom. Through daily practice, practitioners are able to focus the mind to cultivate Qi, cleanse the channels, regenerate well being, and expand one's innate potentials.   

These forms have been cultivated and taught through family lineage for thousands of years. In ancient times a successful Chinese Medicine doctor was also a practitioner of Qi Gong. The discipline of their meditative practice enhanced their intuitive abilities and skill of focusing Qi. Traditionally, Qi Gong forms and healing practices were kept as a family treasure and passed on only to family members. Each family had their own system of forms and secrets of healing techniques. In recent history the renaissance of these ancient wisdom teachings have spread across the globe. 

Today there are thousands of different Qi Gong forms practiced throughout the world. There are many wonderful ancient disciplines being shared to help benefit humanity.  Practicing Qi Gong is way to advance one's spiritual growth quickly, effectively and safely. This powerful practice of cultivating wisdom has been sustained for many centuries — it is a gift to help quicken the evolution of human consciousness for the benefit of this planet. 

Photo by Janice Miller

Photo by Janice Miller