[Jennifer is] an incredible healer whose work is among the FINEST I've ever experienced. A combination of potent touch, fully clothed, with the use of Tibetan singing bowls on the body, I had months of tension both general and specific literally dissolve in minutes.

~ Elena Brower, yoga teacher and co-author of Art of Attention; her work is featured in the New York Times, Yoga Journal, Element Yoga for Beginners DVDs, ABC News, CBS News and NBC News

Words of praise from our guests over a decade speak volumes about Jennifer Daly's gifts and easy rapport with people from all walks of life. I personally consider her healing work to be the best I've ever experienced. Her touch is subtle, deeply powerful and enduring, combining warmth and engaging interpersonal skills with the demanding requirements of professional healing work in a sometimes unpredictable retreat environment. Any organization would be hard pressed to find a practitioner with richer or more impressive credentials whom clients will want to return to again and again.

~ Anne Jablonski, Feathered Pipe Foundation Board President


Having sustained multiple injuries during my early career as a professional sportsman, Jennifer has been an integral part of the circle that has helped me on my path to healing. Her intuitive sense of working with the wisdom of the body's ability to heal has had a direct impact on many people's healing journey. She continues to serve as an important contributor in our Circle of Healers.

~ the late Moke Eaglefeathers, Native American Elder and Executive Director of National Council of Urban Indian Health

Jennifer Daly is incredibly good at what she does, coming from a place of profoundly intuitive and wholly educated knowledge. Her touch combined with skillful use of sound goes bone-deep, allowing a lifetime of accumulated stress to flow from a tight, narrow place into limitless expansion. She is truly an Alchemist of Wholeness.

~ Mali Klein, author, founder of Clouds Trust charity, custodian of the Sheila Snow Fraser Essiac Archive; her published works include The Complete Essiac Essentials (2010) and Black Root Medicine - The Original Native American Essiac Formula (2014)

When someone lives in their rightful relationship in harmony and communion with the nature of things, their sense of translating that energy to help heal and nurture others can be a beautiful and profound gift. Jennifer shares those gifts generously--in the flow of the Tao. 

-- Tracey Rich, Director of the White Lotus Yoga Foundation