Lineage of Qi Gong Masters


Since the mid 1980s, Jennifer has been studying Eastern Wisdom Arts of Tai Ji, Qi Gong and Ancient Healing Arts.  In 1995 She was introduced to Soaring Crane Qi Gong through Phyllis Lefohn.  Within the same year, Jennifer began studying with Professor Chen Hui-Xian at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine.  Through, Professor Chen, Jennifer trained in China for eight residencies with several Qi Gong Masters listed below - learning their forms, healing techniques, and lineages from 1998-2009.

The common thread from studying with these Qi Gong Masters is their amazing generosity and eagerness to share these wisdom teachings from the East to the Western world. Their kindness, enthusiasm and devotion has touched and healed many deeply. I am honored to be part of these lineages to help these ancient ways continue. May the wisdom from these Qi Gong Masters lineage continue to be a gift for those who seek.  May these gifts continue to raise our consciousness in remembering who we are as spiritual beings - remembering the Sacredness of Being


Professor   Chen Hui-Xian

Professor Chen Hui-Xian, mentor and beloved teacher. She serves a as bridge - translating wisdom from China to the the West. She is a translator of many Masters Qi Gong Forms, and created an international QI Gong Community.   After suffering throughout her life with many chronic health problems, Professor Chen was diagnosed in 1982 with terminal cancer. The doctors gave her a 25% chance of recovery. In search for a cure, Professor Chen was introduced to Qi Gong. At that time, Professor Chen was an English professor at University of International Business and Economics in China, after her remarkable recovery, she became a devoted practitioner and has dedicated her life to teaching Qi Gong.  For two decades, Professor Chen studied with the most famous Qi Gong masters in China and acquired profound knowledge and unique techniques of Qi Gong. Since 1983, Professor Chen has taught different forms of Qi Gong in China, the United States, Canada, and Europe, benefiting thousands of learners. From 1993 to 2001, Professor Chen was the director of Qi Gong program at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She established the Qi Gong teacher training program and has trained and certified over 600 Qi Gong instructors. Professor Chen retired in 2001 from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, but she is continuously working to help people heal themselves, increase vitality, reach the peace of mind and advance the cause of global awareness and evolution.

Master Wang, Zhezhong is the 19th generation lineage holder of the Wang Family Turtle Longevity Qigong, a qigong system that has been practiced by the Wang Family for several hundred years. He began training at the age of four with his grandfather, finding Master Wang to be diligent and gifted, his grandfather passed on to him all the secrets and techniques unique to their family form. As the form was considered a family heirloom, the successive lineage holders were not permitted to teach the form to the general public. Moved by the condition of the general public in the years following the Cultural Revolution, Master Wang broke with the family tradition after careful consideration and began to teach the form publicly in China. Student response was very enthusiastic, as the form was found to be tremendously effective. Turtle Longevity Qigong quickly gained an excellent reputation and came to be regarded as one of the best qigong forms in China. 

Master Wang was later invited to teach in Japan and Canada, and the form was eventually introduced to the United States of America in 1993. Since that time, over 300 teachers of this form have been certified and countless students in the United States have benefited from this powerful healing practice.
Master Wang's many years of personal practice of his family's methods have developed in him a unique gift:  the power to heal patients through talking to them. This therapeutic treatment has proven effective in person, via telephone, and via videotape. He was invited to demonstrate this unusual healing method in France, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Master Liu He is a world renowned Qigong Master & author. She began her Taoist Medical training at the tender age of four under the strict, but loving guidance of her grandfather, a highly respected Qigong Master and Chinese medical doctor who treated the last emperor of China. By age 14, Liu He had attained the level of Qigong Master and was given permission by her grandfather to teach and perform healing techniques on others, a privilege traditionally reserved only for men. Her life has been dedicated to sharing with others all that has been given to her. Since leaving China in 1989, Liu He has taught Qigong and healing techniques extensively throughout Europe. With her brother, Dr. Liu Dong, she co-founded Ling Gui International Healing Qigong School in France with a U.S. branch in Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. She is on the faculty of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine teaching their advanced level students.

Master Zhang, Yulei

Master Zhang, Yulei is a former college professor of agriculture. He became interested in qigong as a college student and later became a Soaring Crane Qigong instructor. Inspired by the Universe, he developed Chinese Wisdom Qigong in the late 1970s. This form is so effective that millions of people have learned and practiced it. Master Zhang established centers all over China and became one of the most well-known qigong masters in China. 
In general, qigong practice is contraindicated for mental illness. Chinese Wisdom Qigong is an exception, as it is the only form that is safe and effective in treating disorders of this kind. Many psychiatric patients have recovered their mental health through practice of this form. For many years Master Zhang has devoted himself to this cause. He loves his students like a father loves his children. He is legal guardian to several students who were rejected by their families and now live in the sanitarium where Master Zhang primarily teaches. In addition to training his students in qigong, he also cares for them 24 hours a day. Many of his patients have recovered their health under his care and have begun to live a normal life.  Master Zhang has published several books on the subject of qigong and mental illness including Non-Medical Therapy of Psychiatrics and Asking the Brain for Health. His contribution to this field of study and treatment is invaluable and gives cause for great hope among the mental health community everywhere.

Professor Yu, Xiaofei

Professor Yu, Xianfei was a graduate student of Astrophysics at Nanjing University. As a graduate student he began his studies in Buddhism and Daoism. Since his graduation, for over 20 years, he has been teaching Chinese philosophy, specializing in Buddhism, at a school of the leading personals of the Chinese government. In the late 1990s, Professor Yu became a very popular teacher in the Buddhist community, gaining a reputation as such a wise teacher that very high-ranking Buddhist masters came to study with him. Profound wisdom and knowledge are the hallmarks of Professor Yu's lectures. He is also an advocate of qigong. He has practiced and studied qigong deeply. He has worked very hard to promote qigong, giving many lectures on qigong and traditional Chinese culture. He has organized national conferences and symposiums of advanced qigong that have had significant influence in qigong's development in China. He now is focusing on studies of Sanskrit. He plans to retranslate Buddhist texts from Sanskrit into modern Chinese. Professor Yu's excellent reputation as scholar, teacher, and lecturer in the Buddhist and qigong communities is well deserved and his contributions in all these fields will be remembered in history. 

Master Ma, Chengkai

Master Ma, Chengkai is a former journalist. He became very ill in his late thirties, a result of overwork, becoming bed-ridden with terminal illness. Depressed, he began to question why people had to comply with their fate, rather than finding a way to help survive diseases. In search of a cure, he visited many psychic healers for treatment and experienced many psychic healing methods. He discovered that the secret of psychic healing power lies in the way the healers think. Based on this idea, he studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, ancient Chinese philosophy and qigong theories. Fifteen years of research resulted in Master Ma's basic concept: the key to health, wisdom and enlightenment is in our own hands. Master Ma's method, the Super Energy Clapping Hands Method, has proven remarkably effective in stimulating self-healing. Upon introduction to the public, this method became one of the most popular qigong methods in China. Everywhere in China the sound of clapping hands can be heard on the roadsides or in the parks, early in the morning and in the evening. This form keeps people healthy, happy and connected.

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