Sound Acupressure

Waveforms of Wisdom



Our bodies are a living musical instrument of multidimensional wave form patterns interfacing between energy and structure.  

Sound acupressure works within the structural, energetic and light fields of the body though overtones from the ancient Tibetan singing bowls to produce a state of deep relaxation.

Bowls placed on and around the body benefit the entire being in a multitude of ways. The numerous metals contained in the bowls create a battery charge of frequency that acts as amplified acupuncture needles which unobtrusively open the channels. 

Each bowl carries overtones of notes that influence the energy centers and organ systems of the body. The overtones of these sound entrainments resonate with every cell of one’s being. Recipients are able to transform patterns of dense vibrations to a more harmonious frequency. Emotional stress can shift through the entrainment of our brainwaves to synchronize with the resonance of the bowls. Activation and integration of the left and right brain hemispheres, as well as the body connection of head to heart realign. Working with the left and right brain holding patterns can help release old patterning in one’s field of consciousness.  

Clients experience tranquility in an expansive state beyond hearing sound - they feel sound  

Vibrational frequencies emulate a sacred state that enters the Void.  The frequency range of 7-8 (Hertz) cycles is where deep healing takes place. Clients experience a meditative state where they move from the Beta brainwaves to the deeper Alpha and Theta brain frequencies to enhance creative thinking and move with greater ease to higher states of consciousness.   

Sacred Waveforms

Entrained in these bowls are the prayers of the sacred.  The bowls used are traditional antique bowls from Himalayan regions. These older bowls have a higher concentration of metals, comprised of up to nine different combinations of alloys. During the process of their creation and use, these ancient bowls hold and transmit the chants and prayers of the Monks. 

Every cell of your entire being resonates to musical tones. The sound waves from the bowls are musical tuning forks that create a profound transformative, joyful experience that help us realign to a lighter harmonious nature. 

In essence, the bowls tune us


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